Thursday, 6 September 2012


Leadership = Ability + Influence

Tay Yong Hong (S208) represented the SST-SYFC in the Inter-schools Aeromodelling Competition 2012 - Flight Simulator Junior category and won himself a consolation prize. But what is more significant is that he has played a significant role in transforming the SST-SYFC into a purposefully-designed CCA in SST. Under his leadership, the club members improved from totally unranked in 2011 to 50% ranked in 2012 in the Flight Simulation category. The numerous hours of planning and training for the club members yield significant improvements in this year's performance. Yong Hong's selfless contribution to the club is significant, as he exemplifies the SST goal of developing Dynamic Leaders in service of others.

Mr Tan Hoe Teck, Mdm Azizah (SST-SYFC teacher advisors)

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