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Taiwan Astronomy Science Field Trip

International Science Schools Network

Tg Leman Astro-Science Field Trip
1 - 4 June 2016

International Students Science Fair 2016 @ NUS High School of Mathematics and Sciences
23-27 May 2016

International Students Science Fair 2015 @ John Monash Science School 
6 to 12 Dec 2015

International School of Science - Summer School 2015 @ Japan

SAGE-Project Passport 2015:
Winning School: Menlo School, San Francisco, U.S.A.
Hosting School: School of Science and Technology, Singapore.
As part of the Menlo School's project of sharing with SST about design thinking,
the Menlo students (Elizabeth and Haley) has issued a challenge for our students.
The design challenge was: Design a prototype that can benefit mankind, especially the people from developing countries.
2 teams of SST students have produced a prototype each for the design challenge and their videos are uploaded here:
1. Solar Car          
2. Tripartite Generator
3. Elizabeth Power and Haley Hodge 

Lombok Environmental Conservation Trip, 6 to 10 Nov 2014

SAGE iSummit Conference, 19 to 25 Nov 2014
The AQILITY website:          (LATEST) (To convert ug/m^3 to PSI)

Chiangmai GCP Trip, 2013

Advanced Space Camp @ Huntsville, Alabama, US, 23 May to 3 June 2012

View SST Alabama 2012 in a larger map 

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